Repetitive Manufacturing

Repetitive Manufacturing within manufacturing planning can simplify the manufacturing operations in SAP ERP. But at the same time it eliminates the possibility to plan capacities reasonably. The industry solution for automotive suppliers handles repetitive manufacturing differently based on planned and production orders.

When it comes to manufacturing automobile suppliers have some specifications compared to other industries:

In this field a functional upgrading of SAP ERP is desired, without having to be considerate of the illustration of the processes regardless whether it's series production or completion with process jobs or even a combination of both. On the surface of OR Soft Manufacturing Workbench this difference is only noticeable by status information. This causes only faint changes in the users handling.

For an order OR Soft Manufacturing Workbench plans

at the same time.

So for each manipulation of a planning situation every consequence will be detected.

planning period

OR Soft Manufacturing Workbench is able to accomplish rough and detailed planning at one data model at the same time. During the detailed planning the allocation of a procedure is defined for a concrete position. A shorter planning period is preferred. In a medium-term period of time capacity and manpower requirements should be determined on a summarized level, e.g. on cost centre level.

planning assistant

The planning assistant helps to push and control an automatic planning with the help of optimizing algorithms of OR Soft Manufacturing Workbench. These control possibilities are clear and coherent and the optimization results match the userís expectations (see picture). The available algorithms are high-performance and sturdy. That allows to plan even bigger production areas efficiently.

capacity utilization report

The evaluation of the planning results does not happen via diagram in bar charts. OR Soft Manufacturing Workbench has a set of further possibilities to judge a planning situation e.g. by capacity utilization reports and calculation of key performance indicators (KPI).

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