Personnel Planning

Often a sub-contractor has to live with short term changes in the demands of their customers. Peaks of demands are usually compensated by temps. OR Soft Manufacturing Workbench identifies necessary manpower requirements online during production planning. So a short term reaction to customer's requests can be managed easily.

Usually in manufacturing peak of demands are compensated by using additional temps. Therefore the result of a production planning has to make a statement about the need of human resources. That is connected to the question whether an increased demand within an area can be covered by rearrangements from other cost centres.

A skillful modelling in SAP ERP presupposed, all necessary information in planning can be determined through OR Soft Manufacturing Workbench.

It is possible to break the workforce requirements down into different qualifications. This allows to display the need of human resources separately for setup, occupation and automat service. It is also possible to control the planning of the manufacturing to check at any time whether enough capacity of setters is present.

In the first columns the table indicates the need of human resources for the next week in layers. For the subsequent weeks the need is summarized by the day. The individual requirements are consolidated to cost centres and profit centres. Each change of the production planning immediately effects the represented manpower requirements.

human resources planning

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